Part 3 of 7: The business plan series

Fuel your Focus with purpose

Distinguishing what your organization is focused on is integral to having a cohesive team working toward achieving the same goals. It empowers people to produce extraordinary results by providing a clear “why” for what they do.
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  • Length of Course

    10 minutes
  • Author

Lesson series

Key course takeaways

  • Define a clear Focus that aligns your entire organization
  • Learn how to identify your purpose, cause and passion
  • Tips and prompt questions for finding your niche 
  • Dynamic exercises to apply your knowledge
  • Actionable next steps

About this course


We've seen leadership teams invest thousands of dollars in bringing clarity and traction for it to get lost in translation as it trickles down the organization. Not anymore—BloomU empowers every member to tend to your organization like leaders with trust and confidence.