Part 4 of 7: The business plan series

Get aligned with one clear Vision

Creating and articulating your vision are the first steps to accomplishing your company’s audacious goals. Document your long-term business strategy and break it down into small goals that fulfill your organization’s vision in the world.
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  • Length of Course

    10 minutes
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Key course takeaways

  • Understanding the importance of having a vision and communicating it with your organization
  • Expert insight on how your 10-year goal and 3-year vision support your overarching business goals
  • How your 3-year vision paints a picture of what your business will look like on the way to achieving your vision
  • Worksheet to assist you in creating your vision and breaking it down into achievable goals

About this course


We've seen leadership teams invest thousands of dollars in bringing clarity and traction for it to get lost in translation as it trickles down the organization. Not anymore—BloomU empowers every member to tend to your organization like leaders with trust and confidence.