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Kathy Mayfield

Kathy is known for her passion for helping others succeed and has been described by her Visionary as “akin to transforming an airplane into a rocket ship mid-flight.” Since starting her leadership career in 2008, Kathy has developed an arsenal of proven productivity tools to elevate not just leadership teams but all members within an organization. In her most recent projects, Kathy is involved in developing the learning platform BloomU, offering her expert leadership skills and knowledge.

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Kristie Clayton

Kristie is a dedicated and passionate leader and educator. As the Founder & Visionary of Female Integrator Mastermind (FIM) and ExcelHER8 Leaders, she’s made space for entrepreneurial women to unite and empower one another. She is also a coach, mentor, keynote speaker, and badass Integrator. Currently working on the new learning platform BloomU as a subject matter expert, Kristie is a driving force moving teams forward everywhere she goes.
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Sheila Dodd

Sheila is a passionate educator and leader. As the Bloom Growth™ lead project manager, Fractional Integrator™ for Smart Partners Inc., event director on the FIM Leadership Team and event director for The Visionary Forum, Sheila knows a few things about getting a project from start to finish.  

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